Friday, December 19, 2014

Trip to Georgia ^_^

I am 2 months late, so sorry. On October 16th, Mom, Grandma, and Aunt Nicole drove from our home in Milwaukee all the way down to Georgia. Of course we didn't one shot it, so we spent a night in Kentucky. We didn't take much pictures... I wish we took more. A surprise I had, though, which I had to take back is my twin sister, Bianca, went along. She didn't feel like being photographed. 2nd official day in Georgia, we spent a lot of in Marietta, a gorgeous town in Atlanta. Mom liked it a lot, she said she wouldn't mind going back there someday but with more money. 
At a park in Marietta. I love the fountain.

On the third day of the trip (last day officially), we were driving to Atlanta (the city) and we happen to find our way to the Altoona Battlefield. It was interesting to be at.

Memorial plaques of the states who lost people in the battle.

My home state. Wow.

We didn't take pictures of all the plaques. Okay, we did, but Mom didn't like how she could see her reflection in it and deleted most that had it -_-. But gosh.

After going through the field, which was so interesting. We went to Atlanta. After more photo moments that could have been taken, and weren't, we searched for an Atlanta mall for a specific store...

Uhm, can't imagine what store we'd want to go to at a mall... uhm... Oh right, I gave it away. It was a nice little store in a mall. Filled all of Mom's needs. Mom got a free pink lemonade - she was a happy Cwissy - what ever that means.

So... how much for the horse?

The morning after, we left for home. Again, it took a day and a few hours to drive back... especially since gas and stuff had to be bought. I wouldn't mind going back again someday too - and maybe Bianca will allow us to take her picture.

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