Monday, September 29, 2014

I am finally back in bangs. Though could have been used for my trip in a couple of weeks, Mom used some of her money on my new hair. She bought it from Bavas International called 'Bombshell'. The color is supposed to be dark brown.
Well I do see the brown that is dark...

On me, black. As in it looks black. No brown.

Seriously. As the caption above says, it looks black. No brown at all. I'm not complaining as I've always had black hair. I love how soft it is, how long it is, and this isn't the second time Mom's gone through them for hair; Tammy is wearing a version of 'Sweet & Sassy', though bangless. I'm not really missing the bangless look, in fact, I wish Mom had bangs too... at least clip on bangs that match the brown-ness of her hair; or gray.

My only complaint is that about a quarter of an inch, though maybe a tad more, of my hair line isn't covered. Thankfully I have bangs to easily cover it up. Mom isn't sure if it's because she couldn't pull very hard and maybe it could have fit my size 12" head or maybe it was just a tad small. It really doesn't matter as the rest of my head is perfectly covered. Currently, I have my hair in half up twin braids. Mom loves braiding my hair in twin braids. Mom says that she had the same style when her hair was long and wishes she didn't cut her hair; though now she stopped so maybe in a couple of years, we can have matching styles. I checked the site and dark brown is sold out as of now. 

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