Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas

Sadie here again... obviously as this is my blog, this year, I celebrated Christmas at my dad's place. It was Mom, Bianca, Thomasina, and I who went over there. Mom thought it would be nice for us to spend the time together and open our presents. Mom got Pokemon Art Academy, a big teddy bear, and a hat from Dad. Dad got mom a shirt and a mug with hot cocoa in it, and made him a necklace. Then it was our turn. I got to open everything. First was a stocking from Mom and Dad.

 No Bianca, I'm holding the stocking.
Ooo bracelets.

Mom made zodiac bracelets for us. There was a Libra bracelet for Bianca and myself and a Scorpio bracelet for Thomasina. 

Both for me. Bianca's gift is at home.

Mom and Dad bought me two lalaloopsy dolls. Mom just picked them out - Dad actually bought them. Bianca's gift from them was left at Mom's. She accidentally forgot it.

Then we had gotten a gift from my friend Sophie and her 'guardian' Laura. Though Mom thought she had taken all the pictures, she had forgotten some. Other than a lovely card that said I could share with my sisters if I wanted to, there was a stocking with cute little things inside - Thomasina took the little penguin and Bianca claimed the sunglasses... which is fine I guess... not that I wanted them... but all's well.

What was also in the box was a black boa scarf thingy. Bianca and Thomasina said it would be great for Leah, I was thinking for Zipporah... both do like black... Then there was a cute doll. As much as Bianca would like it, we thought of Riley. Then at the bottom, there was an ugly doll. We have heard of them but no place around here sells them. All of us were thinking of Zipporah... but then again, it's like all my friends have one so I'll have one too... then again, my friends lead interesting lives and I don't... not really... 

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  1. Hi Sadie,
    I'm so glad you got my present! Everyone needs an UglyDoll, right? I like that the one I sent you has two faces, one on each side. You do lead an interesting life, I beg to differ. True, no one can lead a life like Inky, I'll admit it. She's definitely a one of a kind character. But still, you are interesting! I love calling you my friend, and I love following along on your road trips.

    I got your present, by the way! Thanks so much. I'll have a post about it soon. :)