Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spring break to Springfield, IL

Yay, another trip. This time this one was closer to home. For Spring break, Uncle Jesse wanted to go to Springfield, Illinois. Though we left earlier in the afternoon, we didn't make it to Springfield until after dark. So the next morning, bright and early, we went to see Lincoln's Tomb first. It wasn't even open yet so we had fun walking around the grounds. When the tomb was open, Mom didn't take any pics of me, but she did take pics of the head stone plagues and stuff that I don't have shared on here. 
See, I'm there.

Just sittn'

Interesting read

This is really sad. No direct descendants Lincoln exist.

Didn't notice my shirt was sorta messed up. Going down the stairs from the tomb to the temporary resting place. 

I have no idea what it says.

This is a pretty marble and stone well

As you can see in a closer up, it's all filled up.

Me and Mom. She's not really photogenic but this is her best pic. 

I wonder if this was ever built.

Then after that, we went to the first capital building. The whole historical part of Springfield is breath taking; better than our historical third ward in Milwaukee, not that it's not beautiful, but this was slightly better in our opinion. 
Outside the capital building

I accept the deliveries, Sir.

I am not a tomato but I am fresh.

Second level, sorta in the middle of the four way stair way.

In front of the life size statues of Abraham and Mary Lincoln on the way to our final stop.

So our final stop at our sight seeing in Springfield, in exception to Uncle Jesse visiting their police station while Mom and I stayed in the car and watched 'South Park' for an hour and a half, was to Lincoln's small neighborhood. We had to watch some historical film first, which was sad, and then we waited for our tour group. Mom was able to get a pic of me in front of the house. 

Traveling from Wisconsin to Texas

On 4-2-14, my sister Tammy and I packed our bag and went along for a two day road trip from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Fort Worth, Texas. Normally a drive from Milwaukee co to Fort Worth is 17 hours, but Gramma (gee, I guess we picked up on Mon's speech difficulty) and Mom love to sight see as leaving Milwaukee co and Waukesha co is a big thing for her. Mom thought it would be nice to travel with Tammy as her only 'biological' kids. She says that if she ever goes back there someday, she's taking Riley since she's from Fort Worth. 

Tammy and I before leaving

We had a late start, leaving at around 5 pm, we didn't reach Illinois until 8. The humans were hungry and we stopped in Oglesby, Illinois at around 9. After eating at a cute diner, we stopped off at a nice motel, the one with free breakfast.
Tammy and I sleeping in a bed next to Mom

After waking up and leaving mid morning, We travel down to Missouri. Mom loves Missouri, she doesn't know why but she does, very much. Missouri is such an interesting state. So many things Mom wished she could have seen, like a toy museum. She really likes toys... which may explain my being with her and going on trips with her. 

St.Louis Arch. So cool!

Mom honestly forgot what time we made it in to Oklahoma. It was dark, that's for sure. I think I fell asleep at some point before we made it, though Tammy said it was a beautiful sight but Mom's phone as nearly dead and she couldn't take any pictures. We stopped off in Oklahoma City. It was when we started noticing the southern accent. We barely heard it in Missouri, but heard it more the more south we gotten. We stayed at a motel that wasn't as nice as the one we stayed in, in Illinois, but the bed was more comfortable. Unfortunately, Mom lost her left contact and couldn't find it so she had to wear her glasses, which upsetted her greatly. The next morning, we were off to Dallas.
Tammy and I going down the stairs of our motel in Oklahoma City, OK

Dressed to go to AG place Dallas

We were so excited that the next stop was going to be to AG place Dallas. Mom wished she could have stopped at the Chicago and St.Louis but couldn't. Going to Dallas was a big deal to her, only for her to fall asleep, from all her excitement on the way; woke up just as we hit the border into Texas. Should have seen Mom's eyes light up when she saw the AG place. I can't imagine a time she was happier... other than when got me and my sisters. The place doesn't disappoint. Mom, who loves history and AG, had so much fun educating us and Gramma. The AG place was next door to the cool mall that had four levels and an ice rink! We never saw such a big mall before. Mom really loved their Hot Topic. She says they are more organized than our Southridge Mall back in Wisconsin. 

Tammy and I meeting Kaya. She looks very much like our sister, Kaia.

Seriously, four levels and an ice rink. 

Then we spent the weekend in Fort Worth for what ever Gramma and Aunt Nicole was there for. We primarily spent time in the motel. The motel was so bad, it didn't deserve stars. Thankfully Mom had her laptop and plenty of anime to watch. We happily left Sunday and didn't get home until Monday at noon. 
View of the parking lot from the second level.

Another pic of our view, this time from outside our door on the second level.

Monday, July 28, 2014

About me

Hiya, my name is Sadie Elizabeth Van Higgins. May as well mention it, 'Sadie' is my nickname that will someday be legalized as I dislike with a passion, it's Sadella - a rare name, I see why, it sucks. It means 'princess'. My middle name, Elizabeth, is after Queen Elizabeth I, one of Mom's heroes; it means 'God is my oath'; but it can also mean 'God's promise', 'God's satisfaction' or 'God's perfection'. My other or official nicknames are Princess, Sade, and Black Violet - a reference to my hair color and favorite flower. 

My favorite color is purple. If I had to pick a shade, I'd choose plum. I'm a pescatarian or demi-vegetarian, meaning I eat fish instead of animal meat as well as having a vegetarian diet; I love sushi. My favorite class is science. I also love reading, studying, metaphysics, listening to metal, and watching tv with Mom because she watches all the best stuff. I also like Lalaloopsy and American Girl like many Vinyl Americans.

My birthday is October 4th, which makes me a Libra. I'm often confused for being a Capricorn, I think that's because it's my rising sign. I have 3 'sisters' and 2 biological sisters, Thomasina 'Tammy', who is named after our dad. I wonder why I wasn't named after Mom. I never asked. And my twin sister, Bianca. My other sisters; Riley, Leah, Zipporah are adopted. 

I'm quite mixed when it comes to nationalities: Cherokee Indian, Chippewa Indian, German, French, Russian, British, Dutch, Czech, Scottish, Irish, and Romany I think... swore there was more. Both Indian tribes and the Scottish are my strongest apparent nationality. My dear sister Tammy looks like our other nationalities. 

Me as a baby.

Himeko and I before I changed my hair.

Kenny and I.