Friday, August 22, 2014

Trip to Chicago

Two days ago, Mom was told that she would be going to Chicago for some autograph of some wrestler Uncle Jesse wants. So of course, she talked to Grandma into taking us to AG place Chicago. So at noon, Mom, Grandma, and I went to the car. 
Enjoying a nice hour and a half drive from Milwaukee to Chicago. 

Upon arriving to where we needed to go, we found out that the event that Mom and Grandma were sent to go to was none other than Chicago Comicon! 
See, we were there.

Then after we left Grandma to stand in line to get the autograph, Mom and I went looking around. Mom bought a couple of button pins for her collection and got 1 for free. Then we went back to stand with Grandma for a while. The long was long. Standing was easier for me than Mom since I was carried. 

After we obtained the autograph, we were finally on our way to AG Chicago! Yaaaaaay! Mom took some pictures on the way to and when we finally go there.

Right across the street from AG Place.

Yay! We're right across the street from this!
First I met Isabelle. She is prettier in person.
"Uh, Kit? Hi? Kit? Hellllo?!"
I want Julie's bike for myself.
"Wanna dance, Josefina?"
"You have such a beautiful parlor, Caroline."
I was surprised to still see Marie-Grace. She is beautiful in person.
Chillin' with some girls and her dog.
Mom just thought that was cool.
Mom loved seeing this. She had to combine the pics though.
Then after we left, Mom and Grandma wanted to go to Indiana because it was so close and for...
Why we went to Indiana... seriously. That is why. 

Then after they ate at Denny's, we went back home. Because the roads were so quiet, it took us only an hour to get home from Gary, Indiana to Milwaukee. I can't wait for my next trip.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A package from my friend.

Yesterday, Mom got a package in the mail from Miss Shannon, a close friend of Mom's that lives in Nebraska; she's my friend Cady's human mom. Mom said that she got a message from Shannon a few days earlier wanting our address. 
(Mom edited the address) Ooo I wonder what's inside.

Thanks for opening it for me, Mom. 
I got a letter from Cady with this nice picture on the back.
Oh wow, Saige's party dress! It also came with the boots.
The Halloween outfit (w/shoes) from last year. Mom wanted this outfit for me for a while! Perfect for Samhain for sure.
And then Isabelle's dance pants. Would look perfect with my purple shirt.

I also got Saige's necklace, which I forgot to have a picture taken with. I am very thankful. More thankful than many would think. Thank you Shannon. Thank you, Cady.