Thursday, August 14, 2014

A package from my friend.

Yesterday, Mom got a package in the mail from Miss Shannon, a close friend of Mom's that lives in Nebraska; she's my friend Cady's human mom. Mom said that she got a message from Shannon a few days earlier wanting our address. 
(Mom edited the address) Ooo I wonder what's inside.

Thanks for opening it for me, Mom. 
I got a letter from Cady with this nice picture on the back.
Oh wow, Saige's party dress! It also came with the boots.
The Halloween outfit (w/shoes) from last year. Mom wanted this outfit for me for a while! Perfect for Samhain for sure.
And then Isabelle's dance pants. Would look perfect with my purple shirt.

I also got Saige's necklace, which I forgot to have a picture taken with. I am very thankful. More thankful than many would think. Thank you Shannon. Thank you, Cady.

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